Growing demand for spices

The global spices market is growing at an annual growth rate of about 5% (by value) and is projected to exceed $10 billion by 2020. Looking ahead, it is questionable whether supply will be able to keep up with demand. New plantings of spices and herbs might not be able to satisfy global demand and replenish low stock levels. A structural challenge is to find new farmers. Despite high prices, many young people are not interested in cultivating spices and herbs. Industry experts expect prices to remain high, or in some cases to continue to grow. The large price drops we have seen in the past are not expected to occur again in the future. Source: CBI/Eurostat

Meet us

Next to client visits a major part of our jobs is to visit farmers, processors and exporters in countries of origin. Besides that the team of Van der Does Spice Brokers frequently visits global trade fairs, exhibitions, meetings and conferences. Do keep in contact with us to meet up. We attend for example; the Food Ingredients exhibitions, the Sial international food exhibition, the Anuga food fair, annual IPC meetings (International Pepper Community), the Gulfood product showcase and the International Spice Conference in India. Please keep in contact with us to know which team members will be present